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We match your wishes with our assignments

As a consultant at FlexPeople, you experience a closer dialogue - before, during and after the assignment is completed. We have an unpretentious, but professionally well-founded approach to collaboration, and we always take your point of departure into account. We work with both younger graduates and older, more experienced consultants, and we embrace a wide range of assignments.

We constantly have a finger on the pulse of our wide-ranging network of consultants in order for us to match the right candidates for the right assignments at the right time

Competence wise and geographically we cover broadly and we deploy consultants on assignments in Denmark as well as the entire Nordic region.

We match you with the assignment as well as our core values. We focus on competencies, inspiring and proactive behavior, a humble and flexible approach as well as a responsible approach to both customers and assignments.

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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua." 

Patrick Lynard, Partner

This is how we do it

Candidates are being contaced

The assignment is scoped and candidates are shortlisted. The internal and external network is activated and contacted.

Further uncovering of the profile in question

In-depth dialogue with the consultant about technical competencies, the task, personal characteristics and preferences.

Negotiation of financial terms and submission of CV

Transparent dialogue about contractual matters that benefit both parties as well as the preparation and submission of targeted CVs

Three Coworkers

C your CV - then you are already well on your way to your next assignment!

I think my time at Flexpeople has been fantastic. They matched me with a great assignment in a few days, and in addition to this everything has been quite uncomplicated.

Anders Ø. Pedersen

Software Engineer

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